Foam Breaker

The First Step in Foam Control
The A.H. Lundberg, Inc., Foam Breaker has origins dating to 1958 when it was developed as
part of the Lundberg foam control system for weak black liquor oxidation installations.
The Foam Breaker is a single stage centrifuge which will break down foam containing pulping
liquor and wood resins or soap. It has a high volumetric capacity reaching 4000 cfm with minimal
pressure drop. An integral fan provides the motive power for entrainment loadings up to 30,000
pounds per hour.

Improved serviceability

After years of development and a number of modifications to the internals of the Foam
Breaker, its foam breaking capacity is optimized. During most recent modifications, mechanical
reliability is improved by upgrading the bearings and converting to belt drive. The belt drive permits
lowering the motor and improves maintenance access to the bearings.
The rotating centrifuge bowl is mounted on the cantilevered shaft. No bearings are located
below the liquor / foam levels and, therefore, a lower shaft seal is not required for bearing
The other foam control machine, the SOAP CONCENTRATOR, compliments the FOAM
BREAKER in A.H. Lundberg, Inc., foam. control and containment systems.

Proven Benefits
Removal of the foam and soap from the pulping liquors provides the following benefits:
    Reduction of defoamer usage
Greater pulp washer capacity (due to removal of foam which causes back pressure in the
filtrate system)
    Increase in evaporator uptime (reduced boil-out time due to soap, fiber and sludge flow to
the evaporators)

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